Sunday, 7 September 2008

Why do Newcastle Continue to fail?

Despite not winning a trophy since the swinging sixtys, we still sell out home and away week in, week out, singing our hearts out. So why us?!

The press for starters don't seem to help, When Newcastle are going well, they try their very best to shoot us down, why?

Perfect example. We go on a 12 match unbeaten run under Roeder, get into Europe, the press straight away, Oh well, Roeder does well but how long will he be at the club? Seriously fuck off. Maybe thats the reason for failure?

Then we've had Chairmans, Owners who quite frankly couldn't give a shite. Although I've became more fond of Mr Shepard recently, Ashley sitting with the fans, with his toon shirt on necking 'non-alcoholic' drinks, conning us to think he's the man, we're going places, only to stab us and King Kev in the back. Shepard to slag off the woman of the city, idiot.

Overpriced players who just haven't peformed for Newcastle. You've got your Luque's, Boumsong's and Viana's thats just three!

Is it us? Are we to blame? Yes we put pressure on the board to pick the right man, but why shouldnt we! We fill St James Park week in, week out. Get behind the team when they're showing the passion we show, if they aren't trying we get behind their back, thats the way it should be right? So, Simple answer to that. NO.

The Southern press and other fans love to see Newcastle United fail. Simply because, we're the best supported club in England and have the potential to be one great, great football club, greater than what it already is :D

Now for Ashley to leave and Keegan to come back, Watch this football club move forward!

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