Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ashley and Wise - Total Joke.

Since the resignation of King Kev, the fans have turned up outside St James' park, been numerous petitions online to get rid of the board, wise and co.. Having read many articles of whats happened, you can't help but laugh at the board and their bollucks. The statement they gave out last night, showed how much shit they talk.

Here's the statement made by the club, complete joke:

NUFC wished, at all times, to keep any dispute that it had with Kevin Keegan private.It is therefore disappointing that information has reached the media through unnamed sources and a briefing has been given by the League Managers Association that could give rise to a misleading impression amongst the Club’s fans.

Newcastle United have no desire to engage in a war of words but inaccurate reporting of factual matters and inaccurate allegations have to be corrected.

It is a fact that Kevin Keegan, on appointment on 16th January 2008, agreed to report to a Director of Football and to the Board.

It is a fact that Kevin Keegan worked within that structure from 16th January 2008 until his resignation.

It is a fact that Kevin Keegan, as manager, had specific duties in that he was responsible for the training, coaching, selection and motivation of the Team.

It is a fact that Kevin Keegan was allowed to manage his specific duties without any interference from any Board member.

It is a fact that Kevin Keegan agreed only to deal with the media in relation to Club matters relating to the Team and not to communicate with the media in relation to the acquisition or disposal of players.

It is a fact that NUFC is a business and operates, like all businesses, with financial constraints.

It is a fact that NUFC’s financial constraints inform its transfer dealings.

The Board of NUFC have responsibility to ensure that the club is able to meet its commitments which include the wages and the transfer fees for players.

The structure at NUFC is clear, and has been clear from 16th January 2008.

Now Keegan and the board are in a war of words in the media and the fans, as always stick by what they think is right and are standing by Keegan. Fans have been sending emails to sports direct, and to the club it self.

There's even articles saying such things as 'Keegan got told Newcastle are signing Xisco and Gonzalez, Keegan asked who they are and that he had never heard of them, he was told to look them up on youtube' Even Keegan couldn't find much!

IMO, Ashley WILL sell up now, it will not be fun for him anymore and he'll lose more money being in charge of the club. He'll make more money selling up, to Anil Ambani, He'll be gone and fingers crossed we'll have Keegan back. The bookmakers also think this could happen.

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